5 Benefits of Living in a Spectacular Lakefront Home

5 Benefits of Living in a Lakefront Home | Chautauqua

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Despite its charms, city living began to fall out of favor in these sequestered times. We’re spending more time at home than ever. People are tired of constantly looking at rooftops and concrete buildings from their windows, waking up to car horns and loud planes, and breathing toxic air. While vacationing on a lake was on the bucket list for many people, this kicked their desire to own a private paradise up a notch. And let’s face it: nothing beats the allure of that water glow while the sun rises and sets, listening to the sounds of nature all day long, and stepping outside and getting a deep breath of fresh, clean air. If you’ve lived in the city for most of your life, finding and living in a lakefront home will be a welcome respite. Let’s explore some significant benefits one can enjoy while residing in a lakefront home.

#1 There is always something to do

One of the best parts about living in a lakefront home is the number of outdoor activities and watersports that you can enjoy with your loved ones. From exploring hidden coves with a kayak, to paddle boarding and taking a dip off the dock. You can also go swimming, fishing, and water skiing. If you are a boat owner, mind the added conveniences for storing your boat while searching through listings. Hopefully, you’ll able to find a property that has lake frontage, deeded lake access, or dock rights.  This will cost more money up front but, will contribute to added appreciation of your investment in the coming years.

Chautauqua LakeEven if watersports aren’t your forte, you can always play volleyball, beach soccer, and golf, or perhaps there’s a natural running track near your home. The point is – there is always something to do when you have easy access to the water. In fact, you may even find yourself spending more time outside on the lake than in your home. And that’s a big plus.

#2 In terms of investment, waterfront properties are the creme de la crème

“Location, location, location” – the real estate agent’s mantra you’ve probably heard of, and it’s good advice too. Properties that are located right on the shores offer a unique set of amenities many homebuyers dream of. Market studies have shown that lakefront properties tend to increase rapidly above the original purchase price. Apart from that, their limited supply makes them much more desirable and helps retain the home’s value longer. What’s more, a lakeside property can also serve as another method of investment. Should you later decide to relocate but don’t want to sell your home, you can also use it for rental purposes. Many folks want to rent a waterfront home for the same reasons you want to own one – because they offer a fantastic place to relax.

#3 It does more than just feel good

Undeniably, lakefront living feels incredibly good. It’s a peaceful and easy-going lifestyle that feels like luxury when you leave your urban environment once a year. Our bodies carry so much stress, and we hardly have the time to notice it. Moving close to the water relieves you of that stress, so why not extend your vacation? No more fast-paced urban lifestyle, just the quiet beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

ChautauquaCaption: Lakefront living, besides feeling incredibly good, brings long-term health benefits.
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Second, you need a constant, fresh stream of oxygen. After all, every cell in your body (and, therefore, every function in your body) relies on it. When you live on the lake, you are exposed to clean, quality air – and plenty of it. This, in turn, boosts your immune system, reduces your risk of chronic health conditions, and increases your white blood cell count, which helps you fight off infections. Not only that, but it also improves your quality of sleep, mood, wellbeing, and productivity.

#4 The views are incredible

If you and your family are moving from the city, you ought to expect a massive change of scenery. Every move is tough. After all, your and your kids are leaving the home you’ve been living in for years. This is why you might want to try your best to prepare the youngest family members for such a shift in surroundings and lifestyle. However, make no mistake: such change will be a welcome one. Like we’ve said initially, hardly anything can compete with the breathtaking vistas you get to enjoy when living in a lakefront home. Whatever type of weather or time of the day, you will be able to kick back on your porch and see a beautiful, calm lake or the wildlife reserve. It’s something many people could quickly get used to.


Chautauqua Lake Homes For Sale#5 Fewer neighbors

It takes all kinds to make a world, they say. Never is that statement more true than when you are living in a city apartment building. You are likely to find you have a wide variety of neighbors– everyone from a young couple who just moved in together to an elderly Mrs. Shady who keeps to herself. When living in a lakefront property, and waterfront homeowners can always attest to this fact, it feels like being on vacation around the clock. You get to enjoy your peace and quiet because homes on a lake are typically further apart.

This means no more neighbors who play in a band or have parties in the middle of the week. No more passionate couple neighbors who are always fighting loudly and then making up even more loudly. But also, no more noise complaints or landlord visits because someone reported that your dog wouldn’t stop barking. One of the most significant benefits of living in a lakefront home is that it allows for more privacy than a traditional neighborhood or an apartment building. And if you wish to meet and bond with your neighbors, various fun activities on the water, besides being enjoyable in itself, will present some excellent opportunities to do that.

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