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Michael McVinney is a local realtor in Chautauqua

Question: Why Should I Find Real Estate Agent Near Me?

Question: Why Should I Find Real Estate Agent Near Me?Answer: An experienced local real estate agent will make all the difference! If you are considering selling your home or vacation property, or you’re looking to buy a home or vacation property, here are 5 reasons why you should go local!#1 Knowledge of the area.Real estate is an industry that is inherently linked to a location. When you buy a home,...

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Amazing Chautauqua | Welcome to the Neighborhood | June 3rd, 2021

Welcome to the neighborhood!I, and my team at ERA Team VP real estate believe that looking for a new home is as much about looking for a place to feel at home. If you are new to the area, please read on to learn more about Lakewood, Bemus Point, Chautauqua Institution, and Mayville - neighborhoods that I specialize in as a realtor but also the neighborhoods where I live, work and enjoy my life. Even if you...

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Get Home Listings Delivered Like the Agents Do

Get Home Listings Delivered Like the Agents Do In the modern days of online home searches, homebuyers and sellers can look up listings on the internet utilizing sites like or Zillow. That is all well and good, but that information is about current listings. If you want to know the currently available homes for sale, the price, and main characteristics, that will work for you, but there is more...

Selling Your Home-Staging your home for sale

Selling Your Home-Staging Your House

When selling your home...What's my home worth is always the first question but, staging a home is also very important to maximize the homes selling price. The master bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your house. Staging that room right could be the difference between a fast or slow sale, or no offers to purchase your home or 10 offers, and a home selling price over ask.This article is a quick...

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